About ESU

The European Students’ Union (ESU) is the umbrella organisation of 45 national unions of students’ from 39 European countries. ESU promotes and represents the educa- tional, social, economic and cultural interests of almost 20 million students to all key Euro- pean decision-making bodies: the European Union, Council of Europe, UNESCO and the Bologna Follow Up Group. Throughout the years, ESU has witnessed many internal and external changes while continuously de- veloping itself to what it is right now: a pro- fessional advocacy and capacity building or- ganisation that is influential and recognised as an important stakeholder at the European and international level.

Besides representing the views, needs and perspec- tives of European students, ESU aims to ensure and strengthen students’ participation and to increase the student input into higher education policy and decision making at the local, national and Europe- an level. ESU promotes a higher education system based on the values of quality, equity and accessi- bility for all. Another important aim for ESU is to be renowned and respected as a source of expertise on higher education policy at all institutional levels and to build links and foster an exchange of infor- mation, ideas and experiences among students and student platforms at a regional and global level.